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A smart, modern and elegant Google Reader app for the best RSS reading experience on Windows 8.

From the creator of the award-winning Flux for Windows Phone, you can now enjoy the app preview of Flux on your tablet or PC!

- Offline reading, up to 15K articles
- Incremental sync for minimum data usage
- Visually navigate your feeds, with Semantic Zoom for folders
- Read articles in preview, mobilized or original version
- Mark above/selected/all as read
- Keep an eye on real-time updates while snapped
- Keyboard shortcuts and tons of option
- 2-way sync with Google Reader, all ssl

This is an app preview, soon you'll get multiple Live Tiles and much more!

NOTE: Right click on the embedded browser makes the app bar flickering. Please right-click outside the embedded browser for the app bar to show.


Keyboard shortcuts:
- r - refresh (start sync)
- j/k - selects the next/previous item in the list
- space/shift-space - moves the page down/up
- s - toggle star
- m - mark as read/unread
- shift-a - mark all as read
- alt-a - mark above as read (New)
- v - view original
- shift-v - view mobilized (New)
- g then a -> switch to all articles of current stream
- g then u -> switch to unread articles of current stream
- g then s -> switch to starred articles of current stream


Logo and main background by Alessandra Balzani.

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